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ChalkSpeak helps trainers engage more effectively with their students. It gives you a raft of interactive tools, an easy way to send training materials, and keep track of learner progress. Our powerful site and iOS and Android apps will make your instructor led training more successful.

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What we do

We use technology to make face-to-face training more effective. We do this by providing your students with apps that they can run on their phones, and you with powerful online reporting. It enables us to:

  • Remove printing costs, and make sure the user has your course materials on their device for easy access
  • Send polls and show the results live to the room
  • Have quizzes before, during and after the training
  • Have a 'social wall' for your students to discuss content, send and record training videos and pictures, etc.
  • Send push notifications - perhaps to tell students about new content after the course has finished... or maybe just to tell them to come back from lunch
  • Have all your training materials held in one app
  • Have a secure way of saying which student should have access to what content

Why we do it

RAWdevelop, the makers of ChalkSpeak, have a background in eLearning. However, it is clear that whilst eLearning can be great for some content, much training is better face-to-face. However, the fact a real trainer is standing in front of real students doesn't mean we can't learn from the positives of eLearning and make that training better. By incorporating technology you have many benefits, but several really stand out to our users:

  1. Engagement. Using ChalkSpeak will make it easier to engage students. The poll question feature is especially useful for getting the quieter student to contribute without fear.
  2. Reporting. You have an online record of all the quizzes taken.
  3. Knowledge. As a manager you can see what students shared on the social wall in their own words, what they felt about poll questions, etc. This gives training managers much better oversight over how a course has been run
  4. Feedback. You know evaluations, etc., have not been tampered with or 'lost'.
Increased Engagement

ChalkSpeak gives you the ability to easily keep in touch with students both before and after the course. You will be able to find how much they know before the course starts, and follow up on their knowledge and experiences after the course is over.

You can send a push notification to have them look at new resource materials you have created relevant to the course they took. You will be able to ask them to take quiz's or send feedback on how useful they found the course afterwards, all through the app.

Traditionally at the end of a course a student takes their course materials back with them and leaves them on a shelf somewhere to gather dust. By having all the course materials on their own personal phone or tablet they will have the content with them at all times. So, if they feel the need to refer to something they learnt with you they can just review the details there and then - Just in Time Learning.

Unlike eLearning, or online knowledge centres, once the app is loaded it does not need an internet connection for them to review that learning.

You will be able to see statistical reports for things such as quizzes, poll questions, evaluations, etc. However, more than these 'normal' reports you will have access to pictures, comments and videos taken by students during the event. This gives you a qualitative insight into the training that used to be impossible without actually attending yourself.

Having an app for the course that students can look at in advance and on the day looks more professional than the normal printed materials that are distributed. This makes you as a company delivering training look more professional. Our apps have a slick look, as well as having many engagement features. This reflects well on you!

The way our materials are put together is with translation in mind. So, if you need to deliver training in multiple languages we can help with that. All the text is held in text files that can simply be sent off for translation.

Once you have an app with the content it doesn't matter how many students attend your course, it doesn't cost you extra for the course materials. No more printing workbooks can quickly save you money. You also save on shipping costs of those materials.

This financial saving also leads to less stress for you. There is no worry about the workbooks not arriving, or finding that the photocopier missed some pages. We know from previous training experience just how stressful it is to be phoning the office just before the training starts chasing missing materials - this is a worry purely for the past!